Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Promote Your Free or $3.99 or Less Book

We are taking ad placements now through Fiverr. Please check us out here.

We turn down books most often for the following reasons:
  • Poorly made covers
  • Too short
  • No reviews
  • Conflicting reviews
  • Bad reviews that mention the need for an editor/proofreader
  • Something that conflicts with our religious views (bible-believing, non-denominational Christian).
We love posting books by serious indie authors. We know that some of you put just as much effort into your books by yourself as the big publishers do with a team of people. We rarely post anything over $3.99 because our audience rarely buys anything over $3.99.

Help us promote you. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share the posts about your book. 

On behalf of all of our followers, thank you for providing clean Christian books at affordable prices.